Game Manual – Early Game

Game Manual - Early Game

Early Game

Learn the early game controls, movements, units, the economy, and tactics to become a successful operator as you fight to slow down the Pangu Virus, which is sweeping through San Francisco at a alarming rate.

You are given control of the CERC forces on the ground, the frontline defense against the rapidly spreading virus. Your actions will determine the fate of not only San Francisco, but the entire world.

In addition to fighting the infected, you will be able to make judgment calls on the various groups present in the Area of Operations. Such groups include the Police, the Anarchists, and the Civilian Population.

Will you turn on the Police and Anarchists, or join them in fighting the virus? Are the civilians that roam the land really potential vectors, or just innocent people? The decision is entirely up to you, and what you do will have real-time consequences on your mission.

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