Game Manual – FAQ

Game Manual - FAQ

#1. How long will the public beta last?

As long as it needed we are aiming for periods of 2-3 weeks ideally  each targeting different systems but if something isn’t working we will not be afraid to scrap it entirely and experiment in the beta stages

#2. What will be available initially what are your plans for this beta period?

The beta will have the focus to expand upon fully simulating the fallout that would erupt from a world changing virus such as the Pangu virus being released in San Francisco. This means simulating the following elements that we believe will breath new life into the game and making each playthrough vastly different.

a. Implement Pierre’s Police Faction
b. Implement Natalie’s Faction
c. Dynamic Civilian Factions
d. Revamp ROE/Policy screen
e. Cover System

Tonight will feature the below and each week more will be added till the list is completed Natalie and Pierce will start with random zones across Treasure Island.
Factions will attack each other and attempt to survive and expand while building basic barracks , towers and defense teams that will camp out on rooftops
Vehicles will not be accessible to the factions in this first pass but they will gain them going into year 2

#3. What are the differences between the factions?

Take Captain Pierce’s Faction for example. They will secure/take over just enough zones to give themselves a buffer, so they do not stretch themselves thin and then use a method of vassaling nearby civilian groups to exert control across the map. This strategy means that an attack on one of them is an attack on all of them, so they will work together to keep their “safe zones” under control. But then Natalie has another method of maintaining control or chaos really. She will work with just about anyone utilizing a strategy of the ends to justify the means she will carry out suicide attacks, use civilians as shields, and disappear just as quickly as she appeared, leaving devastation in her wake. They will share the same weapon pool as CERC for mow

#4. Are you going to add special abilities / Hero units to the factions?

Next week Natalie and Pierre will be AI that are guarded and travel with some of their attack teams. They will be super units similar to Winters. They will have some basic abilities + if you successfully assassinate them 80% of a Factions units will abandon their post over a 20 minute period weakening them.

#5. Why wouldn’t I just kill them outright what are some consequences of your actions for killing Pierce or Natalie?

It is our goal to simulate that your actions have consequences this means that sometimes even through you won in the short term the implications will ripple through a play session over time. An example? Say your mighty eyeing that bonus cash Pierces HQ provides to him and you think it would be so much better under new management? You could attempt an all out invasion from air or land but that would be costly . Especially if Chelsey tries to join the party from behind ? In this case instead maybe you load up a full team of Spec Ops in a Blackhawk and you pay him a visit at night and kill him when he least expects it. (Afterall they will be getting a cloak like Winters this month) . He’s still the Hero of the people his men will disband over time and ultimately be weakened but the civilians in the map won’t forget what you did.In this regard of targeting Pierce and his men don’t be surprised if you start an insurgency or Guerrilla war with the civilians of Treasure Island

#6 How will they Protect their leaders, won’t cloaking be OP?

Guard towers will now reveal cloaked units going forward. On top of this they will learn and get smarter as we gather feedback. An example? Natalie will learn how you like to travel and roll chances you’ll use certain paths she’ll use technology that will damage your ability to use the drones thermal ability allowing her to setup ambush teams and wait for you and other factions on rooftops, streets etc
Ambushing teams for Natalie will emit an almost glitch effect to the Drones thermal in patches so if you play close enough attention you can spot them

#7. How will Cover work? Are you going to add a system for it?

Cover will be implemented during the second week of the public beta it will allow units to interact with their environment to gain buffs to effectively raise the chance of an enemy unit missing. Sandbags and other build-able structures will be able to provide cover and we will map zones such as negative cover where you will easily take more causalities I.E creek beds. We are looking at Company of Heroes 1 when it comes to reference on implementation. This will make flanking maneuvers far more effective as AI will use the cover system quite often.

Infected will not use the cover system at all


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