Game Manual – Mid Game

Game Manual - Mid Game



Your fight is getting more challenging as the Pangu Virus evolves and new threats begin to appear. Learn vital mid-game commands, doctrines, tactics, and strategies, and push through to victory before everything is lost.

The Doctrine(s) you select will determine which units and abilities you can utilize to shatter the hordes of infected.

With the Armored Doctrine, you get access to powerful ACPs and Helicopters, along with White Phosphorus as an additional airstrike option. This doctrine is powerful and lethal, using mechanical measures to turn the tide of battle. Helicopters are more advanced than the Sparrow and have the potential of transporting entire convoys to any location your heart desires, without the risk of pushing through on foot.

The Mobile Doctrine grants your troopers powerful handheld weapons, such as grenade launchers, the Javelin Anti-Tank Launcher and miniguns. They also get access to the Mutt, effectively a mobile turret on steroids, and the Mule, a mobile ammo dispenser for your soldiers. The Surgical Strike ability allows you to make more accurate and deadly airstrikes. Overall, this doctrine boosts the combat abilities of your troops to new heights.

The Engineer Doctrine gives you various technology boosts and discounts that will allow you to further fortify your bases, as well as mortar emplacements and the gas attack. This doctrine is typically utilized as a defensive measure, protecting your bases and giving even the most powerful enemies a run for their money.

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