Game Manual – Late Game

Game Manual - Late Game



The battle to save San Francisco and millions of lives hang in the balance as the Pangu Virus is in full force. Learn crucial late-game mechanics, how maximize your squad abilities, advanced vehicle deployments, and how to defeat Patient Zero.

Patient Zero is a powerful enemy, one that should not be undermined at any point during the battle, no matter how strong your military force is. You will need to research advanced technologies in order to counter and kill this foe.

The better equipped your squads and vehicles are, the easier it will become to obliterate the infected and push onward to ultimate victory. That impossibly large horde that once almost jeopardized your mission will be dispatched with relative ease as you push through the city and surrounding areas.

Although the firefights will become easier and shorter, do not forget who your enemy is. They are relentless, and will stop at nothing to ensure the infection of the entire island.

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